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ABBYY FineReader is an OCR application that can recreate formatted text via images from a scanner or a digital camera. This way, you can avoid having to manually recreate the contents of a printed text in order to get a digital copy.

The way it works is simple: the document is scanned, read, and stored on the computer. FineReader is a powerful tool that recognizes the text, images, and tables in a document. Many applications have tried to automate the tortuous task of copying text, but few have reached the same efficiency as ABBYY FineReader.

In just a few seconds, full texts from magazines, books, and others documents can be digitized so you can edit or reformat them.

For many, it's the best application of its kind on the market: simple, powerful, and secure. This version can also recognize text in Spanish.

Improves accuracy of text from low-resolution documents and faxes by up to 30 percent.

Can process images taken by digital cameras.

Security options for PDF files.

Create tags for PDF files.

Hyperlink compatibility.

Quick recognition mode.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader can read text from screenshots.

Open multipage PDF and TIFF files.

Expanded language support and dictionaries.

Can save in the ebook format (LIT) for Microsoft Reader.

Automation manager.


A shareware version; fully functional for 15 days of use.

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